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Filtering Software For the Internet

If you want to avoid stumbling across unsuitable material on the internet, filtering software can help. Many people have accidentally typed in the wrong URL and been taken to a website that they could get in trouble for visiting. Many parents are concerned for their child's well-being when they are cruising through cyberspace. Parents cannot also be around every second of the day and thus they need assistance when monitoring activity on the home computer.

Internet filtering has become more advanced as technology efforts increase. Websites that are clicked or typed in are run through a database of keywords to detect sensitive material that should be blocked. Many people, however, disagree with the concept of filtering out the internet. They view it as going to the library and removing books from the shelves. Internet filtering programs block websites that do not show questionable material sometimes, also. If any of the keywords match on the keyword list, it is instantly blocked and the words could be taken out of context. Science pages that may mention the word "genitals" in a paragraph would not be able to be accessed. There is a big battle over internet filtering and you need to take a side.

Internet Filtering: Taking Sides

If you have a child you may think two things: Internet filtering is a smart move or it hinders a human being's rights. Clearly it is against the law for a minor to view pornographic material and thus a positive of this software is that it denies access to the subject. Many view the internet as more of printed material like books and magazines as opposed to movies and television. There are many facts about filtering software that people in the stores or on the company websites don't tell you. You need to know the inside and out to actually take a stance. Read articles to uncover your questions about this software.

If you desire to filter your home computer with this software, it is a good idea to find the best type available. This product needs to be customized so that certain websites aren't blocked that shouldn't be. Not being able to research breast cancer due to a keyword is a drawback to this type of software. Read reivews and consumer reports to find the best software for your home. If you are against it, speak out and let your opinion be known. Just make sure that you communicate with your children on what they can and what they cannot view in your household.

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