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Using AOL: Enforcing Parental Controls

If you have AOL, parental controls are features that are very helpful in protecting your children. The internet is a vast community that contains many subjects that are not beneficial for your young ones. Being able to monitor and block content that your children should not view is very helpful when considering an internet service provider. AOL parental controls are great to have enforced on your family computer.

While surfing the internet, chances are you've come across a web site that you did not intend on viewing. Maybe the URL was typed in wrong or your search results didn't match your search exactly. The ease of seeing and hearing content not suitable for children and sometimes even adults, is very common. AOL parental controls reduce the risk of coming in contact with this material. Choosing AOL, although expensive, may be a wise choice in keeping your children safe when they explore the world wide web.

Features of AOL: Parental Controls

With a large enterprise known as AOL, parental controls were very common in the early days. It mostly ranged from limiting chat rooms and channels on AOL. The internet was not as well surveillanced, but there were many sites that a child could not visit. There were also some perfectly decent sites that for some reason were blocked, also. The items blocked on your child's screenname will be relevant to the type of protection you designate. The parental controls are categorized from Kids Only, Young Teen, Mature Teen, and obviously Adult with no restrictions. Each settting has its own level of blocking internet sites and channels on AOL. Make sure that the setting you choose accomodates your child's needs. A research project may be hindered if your child cannot explore the websites they need to.

One positive outlook to AOL's parental controls is that it is server-based. There is no other program to install onto your harddrive besides the ISP itself. A negative aspect of the ISP is that if it isn't based on dial-up, then you're in for some real trouble. A connection through a cable modem will make adult content easily accessible through a regular browser. Connecting through AOL is not necessary, and the browser content will not be filtered.

AOL offers many other great features that may accomodate your needs. If you have never tried AOL and would like to experience this ISP, take a free trial. AOL frequently offers free month trials and it is the best way to try the product yourself. If you have dial-up and children, AOL is a great way to protect your household from unwanted material.

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