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Web Control: Block Unwanted Sites

If you've ever tried to Block Web Sites, you know how much of a hassle it is. The internet is so broad that blocking only a few sites isn't enough. Manually doing it can be very tedious, although it can be somewhat useful. If you have children, blocking web sites that contain harmful material is very important for the child's well-being. Make sure you take every measure to prevent ordeals like this from happening in your home.

To manually go in and Block Web Sites, click on the "tools" drop-down menu on the top of your web browser. Select "Internet Options" and a window will apppear with many tabs on top. Under the "Security tab", select "Restricted Sites" and add any web sites that you specifically desire your children to stay away from. Anyone who does this, knows that this can take a long time. It can mainly be used to block certain web sites that your children repeatedly view. Looking through the internet history will reveal these certain sites.

How To Efficiently Block Web Sites

A simple way to Block Web Sites is to go in manually, but the best way is to get a filter program. There are many software programs available that will literally filter out any web sites that are unsuitable for the desired audience. This may prove to be rather helpful in easing your anxiety when it comes to a child surfing on the internet in your home.

Choosing a specific web site blocker can be very hard. There are many programs produced by many different companies and finding the one that suits your needs is not easy. Shopping around and reading reviews can be very helpful in your decision. Make sure that these blockers are effective in what they claim to do. The front page of a certain site is more than enough material for your child to see sometimes. Don't let your family become a victim of the internet.

If you are interested in a web site blocker, start looking around online. There are many companies dedicated to the sole purpose of restricting web sites. Read reviews, ask your friends, and find consumer reports with ratings to help you find the best blocker to efficiently block web sites. Many are easily downloadable from the host site, and some can be quickly purchased in a software store. Finding one is not the problem. Getting the best software is more of the key element to block all harmful material and to keep your home safe.

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