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Email Monitoring Through Parental Control

There are many that view parental email control as crossing the line. Some believe that a child's personal conversations through email should not be monitored unless for legal purposes. Being able to control who a child can communicate with over email, although for protective reasons, may be viewed as indecent. It is a good idea to protect your computer from viruses and spam, but maybe parental email control devices should be a last resort. Communication with your children about these things is a smart move. Educating them about what to open and what not to can easily solve this problem. Your child stumbles across an email with an attachment from someone they don't know. Chances are, if you sat down with your kids, they won't open this file.

If you have experienced prior problems in this area, then you might need some type of parental email control. Most internet filtering software comes with some type of email filter. If you have AOL, then your life just got a whole lot easier. You can easily customize your child's email settings with a few clicks of the mouse. These controls should really be a last resort or a scape goat after many talks with your children.

Parental Email Control: Is It Right?

Questioning the ethics of parental email control software has been done repeatedly. Should children not be able to communicate with others outside of their ISP? Should they only be able to send and recieve emails from a VIP list? You are truly the one to decide whether it is right for your home. This type of parental behavior is relative to each individual household. If you feel like you can trust your children and their activity on the internet, why need this type of software? Even adults have accidentally opened an attachment that soon made their C:/ drive disappear. How much easier would it be for a child to do the same thing?

Since many school projects are done almost completely online, being able to communicate with a number of peers may be important. Not every household has the same ISP, and many email services are available at low prices. Many people even have multiple email addresses from different services, also. Keeping tabs on all of your friends and their addresses may be a very time-consuming matter.

This type of control is truly up to the parent. If you intend on limiting your child's email activity, make sure that you have sat down and talked with your child first. Make sure you know all of the pros and cons to this control and what it means for your child.If the child is too young, not allowing a personal email account may be the best choice. Giving your children special safety tips of what to do about questionable emails is also a smart move. Read reviews of the best software with the most customizable features and get the opinions of other parents. Good luck finding an ISP or a software package that most fits your needs.

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