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Internet Use: Blocking Negative Material

With the increased amount of obscene material on the internet comes the need for internet blocking software. This type of software, although not perfect, will reduce the risk of viewing pornographic and other sensitive material on the internet. Internet blocking can also help keep viruses and other harmful material out of your computer while making sure children don't browse through subjects that they shouldn't.

This type of technology is based around keywords and databases. These programs have a list of certain websites that have literally been red-flagged. The package also comes with a bank of keywords that it runs by. If a website contains one of the keywords or is on the restricted site list, then access will be completely denied. Most programs are customizable and keywords and websites can be added or lifted from the database. By law, those under the age of 18 in most states are not allowed to view this material. If you have children in your household, it is a good idea to use some kind of internet blocking software.

Internet Blocking: The Ethics

Is the concept of internet blocking an ingfringement upon our pesonal rights? Many servers at the office use this technology so employees cannot view pornography while at work. The main purpose of this program is to block material like this, but it can also extend into other subjects. A lot Websites that promote non-traditional lifestyles are prohibited. Many view this as stripping their rights of privacy since it is a form of censorship. Research for whatever reason may become difficult due to the material on the website. A certain word may show up on the site in a scientific sense and it could still be banned.

If you are planning on using this type of product in your home, read the reviews first. Also, talk to your children and give them important tips and guidelines to follow when they are on the computer. Let them know where you stand and the consequences for deliberately viewing material that they are not allowed to. If it is needed, you can manually block web sites under the "internet options" tab before you install this type of program. Check their internet history and temporary internet files from time to time to keep an eye on their activity.

If you then need this type of program, find the best product available and the one that is easiest to customize. Read reviews and talk to your friends about the best internet blocking software to keep your home computer safe from obscene material.

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